Here is everything you need to know about weed control and how we can help. Weed Control season is here and we are booking up fast. For the most effective treatment timing is everything, you need to have your treatments performed during these months to ensure you placed the herbicides into the ground at correct time.

The objective of weed control is to eradicate the weed as soon as possible after it appears, and before it produces flowers and seeds. Weed Control should be aimed at eliminating and avoiding conditions that contribute to weed establishment and growth. Control should not rely on one method only but should involve a combination of methods that will discourage weeds while encouraging desired plants.

The herbicides we use weeds last for up to 8-12 months, which is the max rate by label to be applying. 85-90% control less weeds if you didn’t spray at all. Because of the 85-90% a follow up is always recommended if you still see weed growth. After a couple years of treatment, it may only need to be done once per year.

We only use top rated herbicides for our Pre-Emergent Herbicides on the market, it stops the germination process without ruining your soil, there is other stronger products, but they will damage your soil for future use.

Application factors could be: Too much moisture or not enough (we need moisture within 30 days after application) to much moisture can move the herbicides around therefore timing is important to the most effective treatment.

Ideally Dec – April is the best months to spray– but we can spray herbicides yearlong as well. Post Emergent.

Types of soil may matter as well – how well the herbicide bines to your soil.

We are trying to control your weeds without damaging your soil for future use – sterilizations contaminate your soil, and you will not be able to plant in the future using a sterilant. Sterilizations can also move around and kill other things around non-target areas.

We provide Pre and Post Emergent – Definitions are:

  • Pre- prevent further growth.
  • Post – kill off anything that already started growing.


Where do we apply herbicides for weed control:


Many weed control services can be quoted over the phone by using Google Maps by our office. In some cases, we may need to have a technician come and review the areas to be treated to provide a price.

  • All weed control services require 2 services, the initial service and then a follow up appointment. The follow up cost will be 25% of the original cost.


  • Established customers that have had their weed control performed for a couple years may get to a point when they only need the initial service done once per year. Each year areas will improve after services.


  • Weather permitting and timing is everything when it comes to the most effective services. Ideally you would like to have moisture within 30 days of treatment to drive the herbicide into the ground for the most effective treatment.

If you have any animals, they will need to be removed from any treated areas for a minimum of 2-4 hours after treatment to allow the herbicide to dry completely.

To get on the list for this 2023 season reach out today, as we are filling up fast.

Progressive Pest Management and Weed Control

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or you can email us at progressivepest@yahoo.com

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Weed Control Spraying

Residential and Commercial Weed Control Spraying Weed Control Nevada Progressive Pest Management and Weed Control

Weed Control spraying

Herbicide weed control pre emergent spraying for the prevention of weed growth in Reno Nevada Elko Nevada Northern Nevada Progressive Pest Management and Weed Control

Hand Spraying for weed control

Hand spraying around bushes and trees for weed control in Nevada Reno Nevada Elko Nevada Herbicide Pre Emergent for weed control Progressive Pest Management and Weed Control

Weed Free Lot Weed Control

Another weed free lot by Progressive Pest Management and Weed Control

Weed Free Lot by Progressive Pest Management and Weed Control

Another weed free lot by Progressive Pest Management and Weed Control

Want to know a little more about us:

Progressive Pest Management has been around since 1978. It is family owned and operated. It is run by Manford and Tina Glock.

We are big enough to handle your needs but still small enough to care.

Manford has been in the pest control industry for 23 years. Manford currently carries licenses in the following categories:

C-1 Ornamental and Turf, C-2 Industrial/Institutional Pest Control, C-3 Structural Termite Control, C-5 Aquatic, C-6 Right Away. Manford attended Western Community College and completed his certification as a Residential Home Inspector. Manford also attended Chemeketa Community College in Oregon to complete a course in Wood Destroying Organism Inspection and Evaluation.

We continue our education to allow our customers the most effective services

We offer full pest control, tree treatments, pest inspections, and weed control. Our Technicians can detect and treat an infestation in the earliest stages of development using the highest quality pest control products available. We can also identify threats and take proper measures to ensure that your home is protected from future infestations. Regardless of the time of year, undesirable pests can surround your home on the outside, seeking entrance whenever and wherever they have a chance. Progressive Pest Management has been servicing the area since 1978. Our staff combined has over forty years experience in our industry.

We’ll be happy to help you with your pests, termites, pigeons, rats, mice, weed control, and tree treatments. Just give us a call or contact us. We cover all of Northern Nevada! Including: Reno, Carson City, Sparks, Fernley, Fallon, Winnemucca, Wells, Battle Mountain, Elko, Lovelock & Lake Tahoe.

Want to know how much our customers are raving about us, check us out on Google, Yelp, Next Door or Facebook 🙂

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We are big enough to handle all your needs but still small enough to care. #smallbusiness #locallyowned

Manford Glock, Owner/Operator

Tina Glock, Operations Manager

Asia Griffin, Head Office Administrator

Jessica Wilhelm, Office Assistant

Summer Glock, Office Assistant/Field

Skylar Glock, IT, Web/Social

Jon Starich, Manager

Jose Munoz, Technician

Brian Moberly, Technician

Trevor Glock, Technician

Conner Card, Technician

William Card, Technician

Cody Wright, Technician

Robert Navarrete, Technician





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