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Soil Pre-Treatment

Pre-TreatmentWhat you need to know about Subterranean Termites

Before you build have a soil PRE-TREATMENT applied prior to pouring the concrete to protect the property from the harmful damage that subterranean termites can do. .

AREAS OF HIGH RISK IN NEVADA FOR Subterranean Termites include Reno, Sparks, Elko, Henderson, Las Vegas, Mesquite, and Boulder. It is critical to identify the species in Nevada for appropriate control.

The Western Subterranean Termite can cause millions of dollars of damage throughout all areas they are located. If they are disturbed termites will abandon the areas and move on to cause damage in other areas. If you suspect you have termites call a professional to inspect the property.

There are several different treatment options depending on the individual situation:

Chemical Soil Treatment: This treatment is performed around the perimeter and sub-floor of a structure to eradicate termites attempting to gain entry thru the treated areas.

Baiting: This treatment will include bait stations and will require follow up treatment’s to ensure the termites are being eradicated.

Property Modifications: Improving ventilation and removal of timbor in contact with soil.

Routine Follow Up Appointments: Inspections are recommended every 6 months to check on termite activity.


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